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Test = 2nd half of 'The Caige Show', lots of laughs, antics, and Superbowl bet between Small pint and the Host, CJ
February 01, 2019 Caige

Hello all

This episode is kind of a test run for me, I want to hear how audio sounds, ect, before I decide to go further, but none the less it's a fun listen, in that my shows play out more like TV. The Caige show is a very reality based show, a dysfunctional based 2019 reality show that I feel if shared, many could relate to in this era.

It's basically like 'All in the Family' or 'The Jefferson's' or 'Sanford and Son' of 2019.
It's all about balance, and most of us, you, out there, love those around you, work through issues, regardless of differences.

The media lies to you all, in that in the 'back land' and 'back alley's', common people just learn to get along.
Listen and enjoy, and if I like quality, more shows will be added, but unique to Buzzsprout.

This show done on other platform with different parameters.

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